What do folks have to say about Danny Bu.

“Danny was the business owner of our online donations process, and I was working to improve the usability of the screens. As a business owner, Danny was able to clearly articulate his goals, so I could support them with design recommendations. (That isn’t always as easy as it sounds, but Danny made it easy and fun.)

I appreciated Danny’s ability to embrace recommendations, ask good questions, and communicate his knowledge about the process and the organization. Together, we were able to make some important changes to the process, which resulted in measurable improvements.”

— M. Baker, Digital Experience Team Manager/UX Lead

“Danny is an amazing stakeholder to work with. He respects his team’s individual areas of expertise and supports their efforts rather than micromanaging them. He’s a pleasure to work with and is very smart guy.”

— G. Derenthal, Senior Designer, Digital Experience

“A perfect balance of focused and enthusiastic energy, Danny is tremendous asset to our team at the American Cancer Society. His depth of experience within non-profit fundraising coupled with his knowledge of the digital channel allows him to be innovative and agile in developing solutions for our organization.”

— M. Dreyer, Director Digital Innovation

“I had the pleasure of working with Danny for over 5 years on various eCommerce projects. As a technical development lead I was always looking forward to working with him. He came to the table with requirements in great detail and accuracy. At the same time, he was open to alternative solutions that might have benefits from a technology perspective. Several times I was in awe of Danny’s ability to get people on board with ideas even from those who were initially on completely different pages. Any team would be lucky to have Danny.”

— H. Reddy, Special Projects Technical Manager

“I worked very closely with Danny to expand and improve our online fundraising program. Danny did an extraordinary job understanding not only the organizational fundraising goals but also how the donor would interact with our website and digital channels. He is very knowledgeable about digital communication trends and is on top of all of the non-profit fundraising industry standards. On a personal level, I truly enjoyed working with Danny, he has lots of energy, a great sense of humor, he is creative and challenges his peers to think outside of the box.”

— C. Cannida, Principal Marketing Strategy