About Me

Danny Bu
Copywriter | Digital Content Strategist

I believe in the power of great stories to move people.  Growing up I had an avid interest in reading great stories from history, literature, and fiction.  Whether it was reading about the Boston Tea Party, Shakespeare or Superman comics, all those stories did something remarkable:  they moved me.  They made me feel something.  They made me want to be part of something bigger than myself.  They made me want to take action.  My professional life has reinforced that insight. If you want audiences to take action, you have to tell a great story.

Working on the trading floor in NYC, straight out of school, I noticed the power of stories to move people to action.  In the market, people saw the opportunity to improve their lot in life by making lots of money.  They paid close attention to the Financial Times or the Dow Jones Industrial Average and took an action:  Buy or Sell.  The traders I worked with at JP Morgan were masters at reading the stories from those market insights and predicting how great populations of people would buy or sell.  One trader said it best to me.  “It’s a little bit of art, a little bit of science and a whole lot of testing.”   I learned that you can analyze audience data and make intelligent decisions to move an audience but you have to constantly test your assumptions.  What works right now may be completely different in the future.

Working shoulder to shoulder with the master marketers at Gap Inc. I saw the power of great stories again.  Gap wanted people to see their brand as the arbiter of their personal style.  They weren’t just trying to convince people to buy their clothes.  They realized that if people felt they belonged to the community they would gladly buy the products that the community wears.  They sold themselves as a community of energetic, young and cool professionals through their advertising and messaging.  If you wanted to be energetic, young or cool you wore Gap clothes.

At the American Cancer Society I was able to take those insights and put them into action.  I analyzed the donor data and determined which audiences to speak to and what stories to tell.  I was able to take our websites, social media platforms and traditional marketing outlets and determine the right mix to reach those audiences then tell the type of stories that would move them emotionally.  They felt that they belonged to a global movement in the fight against cancer and were motivated to action.  I used content and audience testing to constantly refine the strategies and this led to a 700% growth in annual revenue over a 5 year period.

Great brands tell great stories and create great communities.   Great communities can do amazing things.  Let me help you tell the stories that will allow your brand to move people.

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